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Do I Need A Twilio Account To Use CallJuggler?

Yes.  Currently, CallJuggler only works if you have a Twilio account.  There are plans to make it so that you can purchase numbers directly from Calljuggler, but at the moment you do need a Twilio account in order to use CallJuggler.    This is actually an advantage for you.  When you use your own Twilio account, you stay in charge of all of your tracking numbers.


What Is The Advantage Of Having My Own Twilio Account?

Allowing you to have your own Twilio account is what makes CallJuggler different.   You stay in control of your tracking numbers, without having to know how to write code to make these Twilio numbers work.   You keep these numbers in your own account and are able to manage what you do with the numbers.  The CallJuggler engine will simply configure the numbers for you so that they work flawlessly by you answering a few short questions regarding where to route the numbers.

Other companies force you to buy numbers through them in order to use their system.  If you base your business on these numbers you are putting a lot of faith in these companies that they are going to be around as long or longer than you are.   If they happen to close-shop, you will be left with your tracking numbers most likely unavailable to you.


How Does Twilio’s Pricing Work?

Twilio’s pricing is separate from CallJuggler pricing.   Both are very minimal compared to buying numbers from other companies.  You can find all about the Twilio pricing by clicking here.