What Does Your Service Do?

If you’ve never used a call tracking service before it may be a bit of a mystery.  It’s not a service to find out who owns a phone number – nope, that’s not us.


So what do we do?   Here’s how it works – For about $5 you get a phone number from us; it’s a special number that you use when you publish your website business cards, online ads, etc.  You may want a different number for each of these.   Why in the world would you do that?  Well, if you’re spending money to join a local contractor business directory where you’re going to publish your phone number, wouldn’t it be nice to know if you ever received a single phone call from it?  What about your new website?  Why not get a phone number for it also?  Why?  Because you need to know where your business is coming from.

Well – how do I do that with your service?  Glad you asked – When you grab a number from us, you’ll forward it to your regular phone number.  But wait, there’s more!  When you answer your phone where a call came through one of these special numbers – you’ll hear an intro to the caller letting you know where the call came from.   So, not only will you see the callerid of the person who is calling – you’ll hear, for example,  “this is a directory call” and then you’ll answer the phone with your normal greeting. 

Yes, you read that right.  The intro that you hear is something you configure to let you know where the call came from.   So let’s break that down a bit.


You grab a local number in Camarillo because you live there.   In fact, you grab three of them.   Let’s call them phone number A, B, C.

  • You put phone number A on your Web Site
    • Your configure the intro to say – “call from website”
  • You put phone number B on your Online Ad
    • You configure the intro to say “online ad call”
  • You put phone number C on your Directory Listing
    • You configure the intro to say “directory call”

You configure each number, A,B,C to forward to your cell phone.       Your numbers are posted and now your visitors see them wherever you published them.

A potential client of yours sees your website online and calls you for service.  That means they call phone number A!  Your phone rings, you hear this – “call from website” and you answer, Acme Sheetrock, can I help you.  The same happens with phone B and C.   You can record each call.  You an receive an email after each call with a link to the recording.   And you can login to your account and review where your calls are coming from.  There’s more but that’s a quick overview on features.

Each quarter you can now review where to increase your investment spend depending on your return, or lack there of.   Maybe you have 5 different websites?  Maybe you are listed in 10 different directories.   Where do you spend more, less, or quick paying to get in front of your customers.  Don’t count on your customers to tell you how they found you.  Use data.


What Countries Do You Support?

We service Australia*, Ireland*, New Zealand*, UK, Canada, and US. [*pending]  Contact us if you need service in other countries.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Please see our pricing page.  We do not mark up the per minute cost from our providers.  Our service is overly affordable!


Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

No, our service is available without contracts.

Who Is Your Service For?

Our service was built by marketers for marketers.   It is used for marketing attribution and call tracking.  We enable marketers with the ability to attribute leads to their end clients.  We’ve designed our service for cost conscious consumers and those who operate at scale.  Our platform is not filled with bloat and extras in attempts to justify the extra cost of service.   We simply give you the tools that work.

Our service is ideal for businesses who need to monitor and record incoming calls, service based businesses with on-call and after hours support, and those who are physically sharing or rotating a single phone between employees.   Call Juggler solves each of these problems.


What Features Do You Offer?

– We Offer You Wholesale Pricing as Provided by Twilio –

1) Selection of Local Numbers in US, Canada, Ireland*, UK, Australia*, New Zealand* [*pending]
2) Forwarding of Local Numbers within and between countries
3) Option to record the call – When enabled, the caller is notified the call may be recorded
4) Option to add a call whisper notification – When enabled, a custom announcement is played to the called party
5) Option to email the called party so they have a record of the call.  If recording is enabled, called party may replay the call via recording link
6) Robot call protection – When enabled, it slows or stops robotic callers from disturbing your called party
7) Caller blocking – When enabled, you can add callers to a block list, denying the calling party access to the called party
8) Call Tracking Platform – Light CRM – For adding notes about the call
9) Rapid Callback Technology – Don’t let your customer (the called party) ever lose another lead.  When time matters, you can depend on this strategy to make a difference.  Using Jot form integration, a form is placed on your lead generation web site via iframe.  The lead fills out the form for a quote.  Upon pressing “submit”, the called party (your customer) is contacted and notified “Pat just filled out your lead form, and to press one to continue” – and when the number one is pressed, our system calls Pat at the number just left on the form – and Pat is connected to your customer.  The customer hasn’t had time to leave the page.
10) Improve your chance of receiving more reviews on your Google My Business Map Listing page – When enabled, your calls will be sampled, and a text will be sent to callers asking them to click on the link in the text, and to leave a review.

What Platform Powers Your Calls?

Today, we integrate with Twilio.
We are investigating the use of Telnyx and several other APIs.

Explain In and Out Calls Again?

Most of this is something that you never see or think about from other services because they don’t provide transparent wholesale pricing.  Technically, our service operates the same as any other, we’re just disclosing what’s going on behind the scenes.

1) A lead calls your published lead number on your website.  This is a call coming in.  Part 1 of Call Billing starts upon successful connection to the lead number.
2) The call then attempts to route to your customer’s phone number.  That is a call going out.  Part 2 of Call Billing starts upon successful connection to your customer.  If your customer does not pick up, you are only charged for part 1 of the call.  

3) The cost of the call then, is the cost of part 1 and part 2.   Keep in mind, Twilio rounds up to the nearest minute.  Example 1.  If part 1 of the call was 8 seconds and part 2 was zero seconds (because the caller hung up), then the total billing is for 1 minute.   Example 2.  If part 1 of the call is 5 minutes and 3 seconds (303 seconds) and part two was 5 minutes (300 seconds), then the total call would be rounded up from 603 seconds to 660 seconds, or 11 minutes. 

How could part 2 and part 1 be different?  Remember on the first part of the call, you may be announcing that you are recording, possibly asking them to press 1 to connect (our spam prevention) and it takes a few seconds for your customer to answer her/his phone on the second leg.  They will not always be equal.

In an attempt to make things a little less complicated, we’ve listed the price of the incoming and outgoing along with the effective price per minute.  The effective price per minute adds the two costs together.   In the above 11 minute call (which was only 5 mins), you can quickly estimate the cost by dividing it in half and multiply it by the effective rate for your country.  In the US/CA, this would look like the following:

11 Mins / 2 = 5.5 Mis
5.5 * $.0215 = $.11825 – As a quick estimate.
**Assumes no recording enabled

Precise calculation is performed as follows:

303 Seconds – Rounded up to 360 Seconds In – 360/60 * $.0085 = $.051

300 Seconds – No Rounding, 300 Seconds Out – 300/60 * $.0130 = $.065

Total Price – No Recording Enabled = $.116.
Total Price – With Recording Enabled – $.116 + ($.0025*11) = $.1435

Do My "Minutes" Roll Over?

Yes, your credits roll over each month.   If you purchased “500 minutes”, you recharge when you use all of them.  

Can I Manage My Existing Twilio Account?

Yes; just select the option when you sign up. 

Yes, you can use your existing or new twilio account.

Yes, you can use your existing or new twilio numbers.

A few tweaks may be needed to your account, but it’s a simple onboarding.

How Do I Open My Own Twilio Account?

Remember, you can manage your own account if you have one already or plan to get one.   Twilio is not a requirement for using CJ – It’s a feature to help you if needed.   So having said that, head on over to Twilio if you need or want to open your own new account there.  The process is fairly simple and straightforward and only takes a few minutes.  One rule to remember is account security.  We recommend you enable multi-factor authentication to help secure your account.