Our service is perfect for those just starting out and those who are attempting to scale and reduce cost.

 Launch Special – Manage up to 999 numbers at only $20/Month

We have a plan for every budget.  Here are just a few examples: 

    • Consider the intro example:
    • Manage Up to 5 lines a month with 75 minutes for only $11.41/Month
    • Consider mid level example:
    •  Manage Up to 99 lines a month with 4000 minutes and 200 texts for only $310.23/Month
    • Consider large example:
    • Manage Up to 999 lines a month with 10,000 minutes and 500 texts for only $1278.62/Month

 Launch Special – Manage up to 999 numbers at only $20.95/Month

Call Juggler Membership Plans

 This is where you decide how many phone numbers you would like to manage each month.  This is part one of two in our pricing model.  If you have your own Twilio account, this is your total cost for managing your own twilio account.  Twilio will bill you directly on your account and we will bill you for managing your account.


Maximum Phone Numbers Per Plan Cost Effective Cost / Number / Month
3 $5.95 $1.98
5 $8.95 $1.79
7 $10.95 $1.56
10 $14.95 $1.50
20 $28.95 $1.45
30 $42.95 $1.43
40 $55.95 $1.40
50 $67.95 $1.36
75 $98.95 $1.32
100 $103.95 $1.04
200 $199.95 $1.00
500 $458.95 $.92
999 (Limited Launch Special) $20.95 $.02

Wholesale Packages

This is part two of two in our pricing model.   Here’s where you (if not using your own Twilio account) are essentially putting down a deposit with us to be used with Twilio when you consume minutes of use.  Minutes of use are consumed for calls coming in, going out, text messages, and any other activity on the Twilio platform. 

Twilio Wholesale Credits Your Cost To Purchase Credits
$5.00 $5.46
$10.00 $10.61
$20.00 $20.91
$30.00 $31.20
$60.00 $62.10
$100.00 $103.30
$200.00 $206.28
$500.00 $515.24


How do we claim to give you access to wholesale pricing?  We simply pass along all Twilio charges at cost, plus our stripe credit card processing fees. Generally, our fee is 2.9% of the purchase, plus $.30.


What is a Twilio wholesale credit?  You are spending $5.46 USD to establish $5.00 worth of credit that will be spent on the Twilio platform.  When you receive a call or text, your purchased twilio credit of $5.00 will reduced each time.  Note, your card will be charged again and more credits added to your account by default.  You may disable this in your profile section.


Wholesale Rates

These are the rates charged by twilio as of 5/25/2019.  You will purchase wholesale credits through Call Juggler.

Country Forward Call To:
Your Destination Number
Receive Call From:
Your Lead Number
Effective Cost
Per Minute
Phone Number
Cost Per Month
Local $.0240 $.0100 $.0340 $2.5
Mobile $.0290 $.0100 $.0850 $6.00
Local $.0160 $.0100 $.0260 $1.5
New Zealand
Local $.0265 $.0100 $.0365 $1.50
United Kingdom
Local $.0150 $.0100 $.0250 $1.00
Mobile $.0290 $.0100 $.0390 $1.00
United States
Local/Mobile $.0130 $.0085 $.0215 $1.00
Text Message  $ .0075 Per Message Received
Picture Message $ .01 Per Message Received

Additional Charge Note: If you elect to record calls, Twilio adds charges of $.0025 per minute, and $.0005 per minute per month for storage and play back.

What are Twilio rates?  This is the amount of money your account credits will be debited as you use the platform to connect calls and receive text messages.

Cost Estimator / Rate & Membership Helper

Here’s a quick way to estimate how much it will cost to use our service.  Plug in your estimates and you’ll know quickly about what to expect each month.  Remember, if you have your own twilio account – Twilio bills you directly for usage and CJ bills you for managing your account.  If you don’t have your own account, we bill you for both account management and usage.

Step 1 – Estimate the amount of wholesale credits you will need.

Step 2 – Select the number of lines you will manage. The number should be equal or greater than the “Number of Lines” you selected in Step 1.

Step 3 – Select a usage/credit plan that is equal or greater than your estimate from step 1.

Your Monthly Bill Estimate = Wholesale Plan + Membership Plan


Cost Estimator

1) Estimate Your Usage

Will you be using your own Twilio account?

Record Calls? *


2) Select a Membership Plan

3) Select a Wholesale Plan



Explain Calls In and Calls Out A Bit More

Most of this is something that you never see or think about from other services because they don’t provide transparent wholesale pricing.  Technically, our service operates the same as any other, we’re just disclosing what’s going on behind the scenes.

1) A lead calls your published lead number on your website.  This is a call coming in.  Part 1 of Call Billing starts upon successful connection to the lead number.
2) The call then attempts to route to your customer’s phone number.  That is a call going out.  Part 2 of Call Billing starts upon successful connection to your customer.  If your customer does not pick up, you are only charged for part 1 of the call.  

3) The cost of the call then, is the cost of part 1 and part 2.   Keep in mind, Twilio rounds up to the nearest minute.  Example 1.  If part 1 of the call was 8 seconds and part 2 was zero seconds (because the caller hung up), then the total billing is for 1 minute.   Example 2.  If part 1 of the call is 5 minutes and 3 seconds (303 seconds) and part two was 5 minutes (300 seconds), then the total call would be rounded up from 603 seconds to 660 seconds, or 11 minutes. 

How could part 2 and part 1 be different?  Remember on the first part of the call, you may be announcing that you are recording, possibly asking them to press 1 to connect (our spam prevention) and it takes a few seconds for your customer to answer her/his phone on the second leg.  They will not always be equal.

In an attempt to make things a little less complicated, we’ve listed the price of the incoming and outgoing along with the effective price per minute.  The effective price per minute adds the two costs together.   In the above 11 minute call (which was only 5 mins), you can quickly estimate the cost by dividing it in half and multiply it by the effective rate for your country.  In the US/CA, this would look like the following:

11 Mins / 2 = 5.5 Mis
5.5 * $.0215 = $.11825 – As a quick estimate.
**Assumes no recording enabled

Precise calculation is performed as follows:

303 Seconds – Rounded up to 360 Seconds In – 360/60 * $.0085 = $.051

300 Seconds – No Rounding, 300 Seconds Out – 300/60 * $.0130 = $.065

Total Price – No Recording Enabled = $.116.
Total Price – With Recording Enabled – $.116 + ($.0025*11) = $.1435